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Natural biocosmetics based on Ecological Black Garlic Extract and MICROALGAE

Natural dermocosmetics with active ingredients obtained through microalgae biotechnology processes.

• Our line of natural and vegan biocosmetics is made with concentrated active principles of vegetable origin (black garlic extract) and microalgae. We extract and concentrate the carotenoids of the Dunaliella and the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements of Spirulina, without using organic solvents, without parabens, mineral oils, synthetic chemicals or artificial flavors. In addition, our products do not contain gluten or lactose.

• Its effect is noticed from the first application. Being a natural product its absorption by the skin is optimal, the skin becomes more luminous, with a silky touch and great comfort due to its hydrating, nourishing and regenerating capacity.

• From the first applications, its active ingredients help us to stop the aging of the skin, prevent the appearance of spots, wrinkles and sagging, protecting it from the sun's rays, wind, cold, pollution, tobacco ... due to its great capacity antioxidant.

• The large amount of organosulfur compounds and polyphenols present in the concentrated extract of black garlic, which are some of the most powerful antioxidants that exist, make this cosmetic unique, ensuring excellent results in the fight against aging, taking care of the health of the skin and being an ideal ally in the treatment of skin with atopic problems...

• The Ecological Black Garlic Concentrated Fluid Extract is an excellent ally in skin care. It protects and neutralizes free radicals, preventing the premature aging of the skin. It has a great antioxidant capacity.

Bote de comética
Day cream antiaging

Hydration and deep nutrition of the skin that contributes to improve its elasticity and luminosity. Great concentration of actives ingredients from plans that provide antioxidants that protect against aging skin. Fresh, natural and pleasant aroma.

Main components: Concentrated oily extract of Dunaliella algae, ecological Black Garlic concentrated fluid extract, shea butter, mint hydrolate and Black cumin oil.


• Encourages the formation of keratin and collagen, improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

• Helps eliminate toxins that accumulate in the skin.

• Reduces acne.

• Uniformizes pigmentation of the skin.




Bote de comética
Repair serum antiaging

Contains a synergy of vegetable oils that contribute to skin nutrition, antioxidants and has a great regenerative action. Intensive anti-aging effect with moisturizing, nourishing and a cell regeneration action that helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles, unifies skin tone, illuminates the face and contributes to regaining firmness and elasticity. This can be used as an ideal repairer for after the sun. Easy to absorb and fresh and natural aroma.

Main components: Concentrated oily extract of Dunaliella and Spirulina algae, ecological Black Garlic concentrated fluid extract, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, argan oil, macadamia oil and carrot oil.


• It balances the sebaceous glands in mixed, oily and dry skins.

• With oxygenating and regenerating properties that help reduce skin inflammation, especially recommended for sensitive skin and with atopic tendency.

• Protects against the degradation of hyaluronic acid, anti-wrinkle action.

• Anti-acne

• Powerful antioxidant, ideal for skin care after sun.

• It prevents the loss of firmness in the skin, thanks to the protection against the degradation of elastin.

• Uniformizes skin pigmentation.





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