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Black Garlic

The garlic bulb (Allium Sativum) is a food with recognized nutritional qualities which has slowly gained great prestige over the centuries, both for its multiple health benefits and for its long list of uses, as the purification of our organism.

A decade ago, a natural process was discovered in Korea that eliminates the smell of garlic, modifies its flavor and texture and increases its health properties. Fresh garlic is transformed into black garlic through a technological process at controlled temperature and humidity for a prolonged period of time. It is called "enzymatic fermentation“, since microorganisms do not intervene in the aging process.


The fermentation process increases the properties of garlic due to the higher concentration, stability, biological value and bioavailability of the nutrients. These nutrients are concentrated between 2 and 10 times more in the black garlic than in the fresh garlic. Therefore, black garlic can be administered in concentrated forms. Black garlic has higher antioxidant strength as it is the food with higher concentration of polyphenols and sulfur compounds known.

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Ondalium Extracto

ONDALIUM has developed the first Ecological Black Garlic Concentrated Fluid Extract (BGCFE) on the international market through an excellent elaboration process that brings together the knowledge of procedures from different medicinal traditions, advances and research in bioenergetic, nutrition and technological development.

BGCFE is able to act quickly, safely and deeply, cleaning and purifying our various organs and filters, because it favors the capacity for the body’ to have its own natural response by acting simultaneously and beneficially on multiple organic systems, without the unwanted effects of concentrated white garlic and without risk of toxicity.


BGCFE is made in Spain with ingredients of the highest quality (100% Ecological Black Garlic of Cordovan origin).

For sale in the main countries of Europe and the USA through Amazon (click here)

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The Fluid Extract compared to the other Black Garlic formats

The tincture is the best method to concentrate all the pure active ingredients and to obtain all the properties of these because of its bioavailability and capacity of absorption by the organism.


If you ingest natural black garlic or black garlic in capsules, many of the active ingredients are not absorbed and are eliminated through the feces because of its high content in fiber. In addition, it has to pass two important barriers as are the barrier of the ileum and the barrier of the liver, so the amount of active ingredients that reaches the cellular level is minimal.


However, with our black garlic fluid extract, most of it passes directly into the blood. We ensure that virtually all active ingredients are going to reach the cells, which significantly increases its effect.


The hydroalcoholic Black Garlic tincture is probably the form of extraction and presentation that best concentrates, conserves and disposes the phytochemical compounds and nutrients related to the properties of black garlic.

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