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ONDALIUM is born with the objective to research and develop natural remedies to improve people´s health and well-being.


Our way of life has changed drastically in recent years. The natural way of living has been replaced with a high-stress, fast-paced lifestyle with some unhealthy habits that could affect our health and well-being. These circumstances can lead to disorders ranging from digestive and metabolic overload to the mal-function of natural purification mechanisms, cardiorespiratory alterations, allergies and others.


Your feeding and nutritional habits are very important for two reasons: “For what you do eat and for what you don’t”. ONDALIUM’s mission is to provide consumers with the best natural remedies by using innovation and providing excellence in the development of holistic products.

Bioenergetic nutrition and cosmetics

In our products we take into account the energetic and vibrational part of the human being. According to the latest research of theoretical physicists through quantum physics, it has been scientifically proven what the mystics said in antiquity, that the human being has a very important energy component that defines their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and attitude towards life... so in the elaboration process of our products we use different energy systems, some based on ancestral methods and others based on modern quantum systems to increase the vibration of our preparations, achieving an effect of balance and well-being on an emotional and mental level.


We are as aware of the importance of the active principles at a physical level as of the vibrational principles at an energetic level. This holistic combination gives our products a global effectiveness.

Laboratory instrumental
Research and development

• Research lab of our own and own team specialized in research and development of natural remedies

“Research: Our raison d’être” is much more than a motto. We are constantly driven to look for new and innovative formulas using new foods. For this purpose, we are proud to have our own research lab in Toledo, Spain, where our specialized team develops all of our formulas and carries out our research. Product of this research, amongst others, is the Concentrated Fluid Extract of Black Garlic.


• Constant launching of new formulas and creation of patents

We are always interested in receiving feedback from our distributors as well as from the consumer. We identify necessities that might appear and give a response to these, researching new formulas to complement our Concentrated Fluid Extract of Black Garlic. We develop with our distributors calendars to launch new products and put at their service the new patents that are created each year. We are currently developing a range of products that synergistically combine this fluid extract with some plant concentrates as well as with essential oils and in our latest research we have been able to combine it with highly concentrated oil extracts from different microalgae.


• Cooperation with universities

Black Garlic and its health benefits are being researched by various Spanish universities. For this reason, we have joint our efforts and have launched various lines of work with these entities. For example, in partnership with the Technological Campus of Oviedo we are developing products based on oily extracts from microalgae combined with black garlic.


But our partnerships aren’t only based around the study of black garlic. Our research team, together with the University of Córdoba and the IFAPA (Andalusian Institute for Agrarian, Fishing and Nutrition research and formation) are currently carrying out a detailed study on the composition of black onion which will help us to learn the properties of this food.

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