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To avoid this situation, we have prepared a list of tips to follow in order to prepare these dinners and meals.


It is important that during this period, which is characterized by colds and asthenia, our body consumes nutrients that suppose a support to our immune system.


In Ondalium, we trust that the Concentrated Liquid Extract of Black Garlic in drops is, by far, the most complete depurative and detoxifier, since it helps us to clean all our filters without exception, as well as to clean the tissue that surrounds our cells.


80% of deaths could be avoided by following good life habits, which slow the emergence and accumulation of risk factors.


In this article we help you interpret what kind of cosmetic you are using and if it is damaging your skin, your health or the environment. It is time to change!


In order to achieve well-being and good physical and psychological health it is necessary to take care for yourself inside and out, something that we sometimes neglect, especially when we are on vacation. We have analyzed the key points to take into account so that you can successfully resume the healthy rhythm when you return to the routine. These are the tips:


Using this format allows extracting and concentrating the active principles of black garlic, improving its capacity of absorption by the organism, thus reaching our cells and tissues in an optimal way, to obtain a greater and better effectiveness when treating and preventing all the ailments in which it acts.


Some of the consequences are redness, inflammation, burns, dry or aging skin. All these problems can be prevented and treated, being the black garlic extract an excellent ally in your care.


In many ancestral medicines, such as Chinese or Japanese, this bulb was already used in treatments to increase virility, while cultures such as the Hindu, recognized it as a potent aphrodisiac.


These macromolecules are essential components, since they restore the cells of the skin, providing turgidity, elasticity and stability. They capture water up to 1,000 times their molecular weight, but lose their effectiveness with situations such as pollution, smoking, stress or old age.


Spending a few days away from home often leads us to abandon our healthy lifestyle habits. We present some natural remedies to include in your travel kit.


During the summer months we often mistreat our body, which causes our skin to dry out or age later. For all these problems there is a solution.


The main steps are to improve your diet and exercise on a regular basis. You will notice the change!


To avoid bad practices under the sun and on the occasion of the European Day of the Prevention of Skin Cancer, which takes place tomorrow June 13, we want to disprove the 5 most popular myths


Only in Spain there are almost one million affected by these diseases. The WHO ensures that cases of dementia could double in 2030 and triple by 2050.


Make five meals a day, take fruits, vegetables, fish, meat ... and avoid precooked and prepared products.


The beauty and care of the body are not incompatible with naturalness, but quite the opposite: it should always be like this.


Based on all these health benefits, we have created our range of food supplements. Know all its properties!


In Spain it is estimated that 25% of the population suffers from allergies. But even more striking is the figure that says that by 2020, one in two Europeans will have allergies, according to some studies.


Do you know where the black garlic comes from and what does it contribute to your organism? Today you will understand why lately he does not stop talking about this superfood.


To our Ecological Black Garlic Concentrated Fluid Extract (BGCFE) we add black onions, microalgae and plant essences.


They are made with concentrated extracts of organic black garlic and microalgae. They're so healthy, you could even eat them!


After many months of hard work, we are proud to present our new corporate image and identity.


Being a WELL- BEING page, we think it's important to think about where to find it.... Let's start from the inside, from the feelings. This article can be a good start.

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